A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for BYOG Gamejam 2020 implementing  theme  "Unlearn"

The game to clear out your assumptions  about completing a level

It has same level design but the obstacles are placed differently keeping objective the same to collect key and go to the door. This is a casual .

Be as much creative as possible as you never can expect what you can do in the current given level. Sometimes the objects are hidden in sprites with some fake collectables to.

Best played without maximising


Total scenes:-


There are tutorial levels from 1-4

Normal game levels from 5-10

low gravity levels levels from 11-12

invisible objects  level 13

invisible blocks  level 14

section fenale level 15

new weapon level 16

credits and prototype end 

few sprites from google

background music https://www.bensound.com/

other sounds https://freesound.org/

Made by: VedMone

Discord: p0ym0y#8024


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